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Keep your file library organized by renaming, copying, and moving them easily
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If ever in need of organizing a large number of files and folders in a limited amount of time, Advanced Renamer can help you encode them with the right name and attributes in just a few clicks. The high level of flexibility that the program provides will help you design your made-to-measure renaming profiles and to combine as many of them as you wish to achieve your most demanding requirements.

Though equally useful for a handful of files or folders, it is when dealing with large amounts of files that this utility really shines. Besides, if you really want to master its many capabilities and be able to perform the most amazing file-renaming tasks in one single operation, it may take a certain learning curve. The program offers you up to 14 different methods to change names, attributes, and timestamps, by combining selected bits of information from the existing name and whatever file tags it carries with your own texts. Each of these methods can be thoroughly customized and combined to fit your specific needs, and files can also be copied or moved to a different location after being properly renamed.

Due to the complexity of some of these renaming functions, Advanced Renamer has been designed so that you can always check the results before actually making any changes. If, despite this useful function, you make changes you’re not too happy about, you can always rely on its powerful undo function that will let you go back step by step, rolling back any of the various operations performed in the most seamless way.

Its mass renaming capabilities work with any type of file, though it’s especially useful with sets of image, video, and audio files. You can check and extract your images’ EXIF data and use them to rename them in a more logical way. Likewise, you can add GPS data to their new names – when available – to have them correctly cataloged and perfectly geolocalized. If your audio files contain any ID3 tag, you can use them to give them more suggestive names, or you can add technical information about your video files to their names in a snap.

With the help of its numerous templates and profiles, its support for regular expressions and wildcards, and its deep knowledge of the various tag standards present in many media files, Advanced Renamer is the only tool you need to mass-rename and catalog the most extensive file and folder collections in a safe and professional way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free for personal use
  • Undo function
  • Renames, copy, and moves batches of files and folders
  • EXIF support for renaming
  • Image preview
  • Support image, audio, and video files


  • Requires a learning curve
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